Why another blog?

If you’re anything like me, one of the first thoughts that comes to your mind is “why?” “Why are things this way?” “Why would someone act like that?” And in this case, “Why another blog?” It’s a valid question that can get to the heart of many issues. Well, I hope to have the ability to answer this question. Here is why.

Life can be beautiful, hard, and confusing.  Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate. Sometimes you just need some inspiration and hope. I want this to be a place where you can find that; a place you can gain perspective. Let me share my findings with you.  I will share thoughts on life, culture, and God.  Some thoughts you will love.  Some thoughts you won’t love. Some topics will carry more weight than others.  However, through all of this, I believe you will be able to find value. I don’t share my thoughts believing that I am some brilliant mind; however, I am a mere human walking a path that could potentially help someone else. I could help someone see something in a way they hadn’t before. I have learned so much in my life from other humans. So here is an invitation to walk with me. Who knows, perhaps by the end of this, you will consider me a friend.

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